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My final project for Game Development I course.

First Person – 3D – Puzzle - Horror

A slow-paced first person narrative experience with horror elements. The game includes grim environments and unsettling ambience. Every aspect of the game is designed to present a story with symbolism and analogies. The player will control a character who wakes up in a morgue and doesn’t know where she is. The purpose and backstory will be discovered through minimal environmental storytelling and notes scattered around the environment. To progress, the player will need to solve puzzles while uncovering the truth behind the condition that the character is in. Storytelling and puzzles are interlinked with each other and will serve various purposes in gameplay. The focus is heavily on storytelling and providing a short but satisfying experience with impressive usage of story, symbolism, puzzles, music and sound and their implementation into the game experience to provide a realistic, relatable, and somewhat emotional narrative.

The controls are simple and easy-to-learn. Since the purpose of the game is to tell a story through the usage of environmental storytelling and display of symbols through objects, the controls are suited to aid the goal of the game which is to create a slow-paced gameplay experience that will allow the player to observe the surroundings and make sense of the game’s environment and story. Main character can move around with the keys ‘w, a, s, d’, look around with the mouse, run with the key ‘Shift’, jump with the key ‘Space’, and interact with objects with the key ‘e’.


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The graphics can become more convincing with correct lighting. Everything seems too bright, without any shadowing. The 2D parts (blood and photo) should use diffuse shading, too, they look too bright to be real.